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The Victorian Era 1833-1903

Victorian Era's Blast From the Past!

Back in the day...

Victorian Era was a fast-changing time. London, England was an important city with over six million people. There was the shift from ownership to modern urban economy; there was an enormous impact of industrialism and increase in wealth. This was the world's foremost imperial power, however, Victorian people suffered from anxiety because of the new age of technology and changes.This was also the time of troubles and hardship because of unemployment, poverty, rioting, slums in large cities, and working conditions for women and children were terrible. However, the British Empire focussed on immigration and expansion. They believed it was the right and moral responsible thing to do. Missionaries also took place. There was also the big religious debate starting from the Evangelical movement, the High Church emphasizing tradition, ritual, and ceremony, to the Oxford Movement, to Dissenters, and to the Broad Church who were open to modern ideas. Utilitarianism happened as well and it was a practical movement, "good for many", yet, it failed to recognized people's spiritual needs. With religion, there were a lot of challenges such as science beliefs, higher criticism (examination of Bible), geology, astromony, and other source studies. The role of women was changing as well. There was the Factory Act, the Custody Act, the Divorce and Matrimonial Causes Act, the Married Woman's Property Act, and the movement of women's rights started up. Women also had the opportunity for education. The Victorian Era was also the time of literacy, publication and reading. Literacy almost became universal, and novels were being created. Victorian poetry was based on a strong influence of the Romantics, but can't sustain the confidence in the writing, almost rewriting the Romantics pieces. Victorian poetry were poems of imagery and everything was in dramatic monologue.


1830-1848-Early Victorian Period: Railroads were created, and it transformed England's landscape to support the growth of commerce and shrank the distances between cities. An underground rail system beneath London was created as well.                                                        

1832-The Reform Bill:This bill extended rights to all males who owned property to vote. This transformed the English class structure.

1837-1901-Queen Victoria ruled, and she illustrated Victorian qualities as earnestness, moral responsibility and domestic propriety. This was the age of transition which is characterized by energy and high moral purpose.

1848-1870-The Mid-Victorian Period: The time of prosperity, improvement, stability, and optimism.

1870-1901-The Late Victorian Period: This is the time of the decay of values, British imperialism, Boer War, the Irish question, economic depression which led to mass immigration, U.S rival power, and socialism.  

1890- This is when the breakdown of values occurred and the mood of melancholy. There was also the Aesthetic movement and the prose of George Moore and Max Beerbohm, and the time of poetry.

1900-15,195 lines of railroads.




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