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The Victorian Era 1833-1903

Once Upon A Time...

What's Up?


long, long time ago there were these people who lived in a time of trouble and hardship.

On the good side of the river, industrialism was swooshed like a huge wave hitting the shorelines, while Queen Victoria ruled and exemplifies Victorian's qualities. This was the "age of transition". Railroads were born, the Reform Bill was created and updated, and immigration and expansion took place. Another slow moving, but good change was the role and movement of women.

However, peering through a microscope you are able to see all the horrible things of the Victorian Era. Starting from anxiety, unemployment, poverty, to the Evangelical movement, utilitarianism, decay of values, Irish Question, and economic depression.

And during this time writing became efficient and well-important. Literacy=universal. Dramatic Monologue.  Examples:Charles Dickens, Robert Browning, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Thomas Hardy, and many others.



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